We are members of a consultative meeting that represent non-Persian and Arab peoples affected by Iranian terrorism. We would like to inform you that the consultative meeting has discussed the long record of Iranian terror, crimes and violations inflicted upon the non-Persian peoples such as Ahwazis, Kurds, Turks, Balochis as well as the Arab peoples in the regional countries and the people around the world.

Participants of the meeting, representatives of the non-Persian peoples and representatives of the movements leading the struggle against the Iranian regime, agreed on the following:

۱-   Urging the conference of Warsaw to take tough measures against Iranian regime on all levels.

۲- Recognizing and supporting the freedom, the legitimate demands and human rights of the oppressed non-Persian peoples including the right of self-determination across the geography of the present-day Iran.

۳- Providing a genuine chance for the oppressed ethnic groups victimized by the Iranian regime to reveal their sufferings broadly in global media and human rights organizations, and to prevent these long-suffered victims’ voices from once again being silenced as they have been for too long.

۴- Calling on countries of the world to take a decisive stance against the expansionist, bloody and terrorist policies of the Iranian regime committed at home, in the Arab region and around the globe, and the necessity to stand up to the militias and bloody Iranian arms in the Arab countries.

۵ – Calling for the need to establish a special international court to try the figures of the Iranian regime responsible for all crimes and violations of human rights inside the country, and the last but not the least is to curbing Iranian regional interventions in the Arab countries before being too late to save the middle east nations from the destructive policies sought by the Mullahs in Tehran since 1979.

Thank you all,

Arab Struggle Movement for Liberation of Alahwaz (ASMLA)

Azerbaijan Democratic Party (AZDP)

Azerbaijan National Resistance Organization (ANRO)

Azerbaijan Student Movement (AZOH)

South Azerbaijan Democratic Party (GADP)

Qashqai Azadi (QAI)

Independence Party of Kurdistan (IPK)

Kurdistan Independence Movement (BSK)

Balochistan People’s Party

Party Serbesti Kurdistan (PSK)